Writing a website creative brief

How much web traffic visitors do you get?

Writing an effective design brief: Awesome examples and a free template to get you started

Do you have any provision in house to resize graphics? Why do they need you? Where and how will the end product be used? If your marketing team have a style guide detailing how your branding must be used then that will clearly need to be sent to your agency before they put together designs.

So with that in mind you need to think practically about how you and your business plan to produce this content. It also helps you understand the situation better and allows you to look at things from the point of view of the client.

When you started the search for someone to rebuild your website you had a number of reasons as to why you needed a rebuild, This is the time to outline your aims. What needs to be done and who has to do it?

If there are social media files, which platforms does the company use? Before we move on, stop, go and put the kettle on, and come back in 2 minutes for a quick read. Either way, this needs to be thought about in advance and communicated to the agency so they fully understand all factors they need to consider to achieve your goal, and then provide clear evidence of that.

The list below might form the basis of your briefing document, with all the detail specific to your project tacked on as additional points. You may also wish to show any new designs to customers to source some opinions from those people who matter most.

What budget do you have in place for the design of your new website?

Your Starter For Ten: 10 things never to leave out of a web design brief

The frustrating part for you, the client, is if you come to a design agency with an idea of a budget in mind, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy, and ultimately costs.

What are their strengths and weaknesses? Then you need to address directly how you will judge whether the new site has been a success.

Let us walk you through our ideal creative brief. Explain what sets you apart from your competitors, and what is special about your approach to your work.

Now jump over to the brief for Krista Kennedy. Are they high-end, helpful, friendly, techy or earthy? Note the last point. How large is your company? For instance, make sure they define whether the design budget is separate from the web development piece.Creative brief - Wikipedia.

How to Write The Perfect Creative Brief By Igor Ovsyannykov on May 2, in How To Tweet This Share This. A creative brief is the most important part of any creative project. It serves as the outline of all the work that is to be done.

It is a summary of every single aspect involved in the project, making it easier for both client and. Download three free creative brief templates in Word, Excel and Powerpoint formats (and learn how to use 'em).

Do it right the first time, every time! How to Write a Creative Brief: Three Templates + Tons of Examples. 1) The Website Creative Brief If you are ringing around, any good web design company will ask you a seemingly endless amount of questions.

We do this to get to know you, your company, and what your aims and goals are. How to Write a Web Site Creative Brief. February 26, August 26, Christian Watson Web Design. Writing a Creative Brief (Elise Bauer) Creative Brief Worksheet (RTF View as HTML) (gotomedia).

Brief writing really is a tricky skill to master. Some agencies like to receive a brief that gives a steer as to the feeling, tone and style of a creative project. Others are far more concerned with the minutiae.

And some prefer to write their own briefs based on a consultation with the client.

Writing a website creative brief
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