Thesis on building automation

Our legal system tends to favor mass production and penalizes artisanal production ex. People tend to be bamboozled easily by technocratic jargon about technology that has absolutely nothing to do with how those technologies really work.

A machine by itself generates no demand. This thesis is popular because it provides an excuse for substantial unemployment throughout the Western world.

Humans set the prices for labor, because machines have no independent judgment or desire. It will take a long time to make this argument to my satisfaction, so this is the tentative outline for my position.

If machine learning did not require massive human input all the time, companies like Google would be entirely autonomous, instead of requiring an enormous staff of people and contractors to tweak the outputs of their machine learning algorithms constantly.

These jobs can take many strange forms. As a sometimes stock-pumper all within the lawI am cynical about flimflam world-changing prospectuses, especially when they come from California, where they probably put LSD in the water supply.

Underlying much of these prognostications about automation is the labor theory of value. People who state that automation will replace human labor entirely tend to be stock pumpers for the California tech firms who have become a little too proud for their britches, or are otherwise beguiled by said stock-pumpers.

What is needed is political confrontation. The human labor force to achieve this is actually quite massive. The people who conflate machine learning with artificial intelligence except in a metaphorical way generally have jack-all to do with actually working in machine learning.

Further, if you disagree, that is fine: It is just that dogmatic statements that it replaces all forms of human labor are intensely speculative and should be held up to withering scrutiny.

This is conflated with science fiction visions of hostile artificial intelligence. There is a great deal of public panic about technology that ought to be smothered, rather than encouraged.

Understanding the limits of both existing technology and foreseeable is not something that most people are willing or eager to do. Artisan production requires long training periods and cannot scale to mass production.

Prognostications about artificial intelligence are entirely premature. Machine learning is not artificial intelligence. If all the good and beautiful progressive people believe in something, it is probably a lie.

Similarly, most of the humans involved in building iPhones do not work out of Cupertino. You are forbidden from starting a factory without going through lots of red tape, harming the ability of small-run, more artisan production to happen.

Because value is subjective, there are essentially as many potential jobs as there are feasible human desires. The states and the Feds tend to oppose alternative electricity distribution systems which would be more amenable to decentralized industrial production.

The unemployment is in large part caused by the Western tax-regulatory regime.3/11/ 1 Introduction to Building Automation Systems (BAS) Ryan R.

Hoger, LEED AP [email protected] Building Automation Systems zCentralized controls zChange scheduling for multiple HVAC units at same time. Master Thesis In Industrial Automation. 1 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Home automation is the residential extension of building automation.

It is automation of the home, housework or household activity.

It may also include centralized control of lighting, appliances and other systems to prove improved convenience, comfort energy efficiency. Building Automation Systems Design Guidelines for Systems with Complex Requirements Master of Science Thesis in the Master’s Programme Structural Engineering and.

I Don’t Believe In the ‘Automation Eats All Jobs’ Thesis and I will probably be quite lonely in that belief, which I am confident is true.

I Don’t Believe In the ‘Automation Eats All Jobs’ Thesis

People who state that automation will replace human labor entirely tend to be stock pumpers for the California tech firms who have become a little too proud for their britches, or are otherwise. Improving Performance with Integrated Smart Buildings Executive Summary: Smart buildings exist today.

and then connecting the building automation system to enterprise systems. Improving Performance with Integrated Smart Buildings. THESIS FOR THE DEGREE OF LICENTIATE OF ENGINEERING Design Automation Systems for Production Preparation Applied on the Rotary Draw Bending Process.

Thesis on building automation
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