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LT Frederick Downs captures this well in his writing What does it take to fracture the human mind or break the human spirit? Still, there is a foreboding notion that there is a war out there, and men will die, be wounded and be crippled.

But, what is missing is the bigger picture. When that failed, they tried to undermine the economy and put the CIA to work orchestrating another coup.

It is pretty clear that even after he took power inhe did not consider himself to be a Marxist-Leninist or a client of the Soviets, but merely a liberal reformer. The humanity of the enemy coming full circle.

We were taught about how the lives of Eastern Europeans were miserable and how they were not allowed to travel or leave their countries. There was a problem adding your email address.

We see the role of the United Fruit Company in Guatemala, but what other multi-national corporations are playing a role?

I admire Downs and the sacrifice he has made for this country along with everyone who has served. Guatemala The killing zone summary overthrow of the Guatemalan government of Arbenz occurred inright at the height of the wave of anti-communist hysteria which swept the US.

I just had a bit of trouble with some of the writing style of the book. But the experiences he went through will definitely show you the level of sacrifice these men had to go through.

The Killing Zone: My Life in the Vietnam War Summary & Study Guide

Its ability to track down and destroy regime opponents wherever they might be was quite amazing. He informs us that his unit eschews the more common racial epithet ""gook"" in favor of ""dink,"" and he applies the term to Vietnamese throughout.

Downs is brought in as an observer to some jungle fighting. Thereafter, partial chapters are given to the Dominican Republic inBrazil inChile inArgentina inNicaragua inand El Salvador in For example, in his discussion of Guatemala, Rabe spends 22 pages detailing the overthrow of the Arbenz government, but almost nothing on all of the terrible atrocities that happened afterward.

They spent money on candidates opposed to Goulart and let the military know they would not be opposed to a coup. Often, the area is deceptively peaceful and can fool men. The reader will leave this book knowing that the United States was not the white knight in shining armor that I learned of in elementary school, but rather a collection of men who emerged from the field of battle victorious, with the blood of state sponsored terror on their hands.

The Killing Zone: My Life in the Vietnam War

There are many Vietnamese working there, who are called "gooks" by the American soldiers. The area is honeycombed with tunnels and bunkers and has many mines and booby-traps planted.

His platoon kills six women, children, and older men carrying ammunition for the enemy; they fire into a village wounding a young girl; prisoners are brutalized. The battalion sets up Firebase Tempest on a mountaintop, and Lt. The result of those choices sometimes leaves the reader wondering and wishing for a bit more context.

The military obliged in April of They were joking about it as they searched the bodies for souvenirs. This section contains words approx. Often friendly fire and triggered U. Finally, he steps on a "Bouncing Betty" land-mine and is seriously wounded.

There are multiple countries which are not even mentioned or only mentioned in passing. I was also a little disappointed there was not more on about how Downs himself help about the war and what was happening. The Carter Administration approved of the overthrow of the military regime inand again, the popular Duarte this time was able to assume the leadership role.Summary Lt.

Downs covers a lot of ground during his years of adventure in theater. In the first section of the book his base is on top of a mountain called Montezuma, his first command post was to observe a Coastal Highway where he faces many struggles like landmines and the "Vietcong". The Killing Zone: My Life in the Vietnam War Summary & Study Guide Frederick Downs This Study Guide consists of approximately 29 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Killing Zone.

The book, ‘The Killing Zone’ by Frederick Downs, is an autobiography of his own experiences in the war of Vietnam He splits the book into multiple sections and is in the format of diary inserts describing his journey from start to finish of his time in Asia and his physical and mental incidents.

The Killing Zone is organized in a generally chronological fashion, with a chapter devoted to Guatemala inand Cuba in the late 50’s. Thereafter, partial chapters are given to the Dominican Republic inBrazil inChile inArgentina inNicaragua inand El Salvador in The Killing Zone () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

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The killing zone summary
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