Should public figures be accountable for

Public Figures Work for the Public There is a common argument used in response to public figures being expected to be role models that the public figures owe proper behavior to the public because the public is the one assuring their fame.

Download this Essay in word format. For instance, it is becoming exceptionally common young public figures to take a stance on staying away from drugs and alcohol and yet most of them are caught at ages as young as 18 getting intoxicated or worse.

These messages are even more convoluted when the public figure sending this message engages in opposing behavior themselves. In her book, Should public figures be accountable for People and the New Media, Sonia Livingstone presents many of the messages being taught in the media and the implications of those messages.

This is not what a normal life is like. It can be argued that public figures give young people a means to set goals for themselves. Due to their massive influence over todays society, public figures should be held accountable for their public actions.

Take, for instance, a day in the life of an athlete.

Holding public figures accountable to the public

In recent years, more and more studies have been released on the advantages of tangible role models. Given the media coverage of public figures when they are in trouble, a parent could easily teach their child a valuable lesson in consequences.

Parents should be role models. When someone buys a movie ticket, it is not usually the first thought on their mind as to whether they should see that movie because of the actors, rather the plot of the movie. As the saying goes, "With great power, comes great responsibility" and "All actions have consequences, even at the price of fame".

Open government laws do not exist to protect and assist the media. So, if local officials are ever in doubt regarding whether something can be discussed in executive session, they should opt for open rather than closed.

Open government is essential to a free, open and democratic society. If elected officials were to discuss something in good faith in an open public meeting that could have been discussed behind closed doors, they would not have violated any state law by doing so.

Then, as always happens, this public figure does something questionable in real life, leading to a feeling of betrayal and disappointment by those who considered that person a role model.

All exceptions should be interpreted as narrowly as possible. Additionally, when young people are presented with stories and images of these public figures, they become easily discontent with their own lives.

Therefor, that athlete should show good behavior. As such, becoming a public figure would actually mean that one is losing their privacy as all their actions are prone to being exposed. People who are tangible and active in the daily lives of the person they are seeking to help.

After breakfast, they report to their coach for practice. It could be argued that the public figure chose to step up onto the pestle and put themselves out as a public figure, and therefore, they should act accordingly. Lawmakers have said unequivocally that when there is a question about whether a record is a public record or if a meeting should be an open public meeting, there should always be a strong presumption for openness.

Hence, public figures have to be held responsible for their unacceptable behavior even in private, as their lifestyles are made known to many across the globe, and would play a major role in influencing the mindsets of the world should they not be responsible and account for their private actions.

The actions of public figures yield a huge influence over society as the media finds its role in exploiting the private lives of these people. Public Figures are not Worthy of the Pedestal they are Placed Upon It is human nature to idealize those who we see through the media.

Young people do not need generic messages from people who cannot even follow their own advice. It is a shame that state laws are even needed to tell local government officials they have to do what they should just do naturally, viz.

If they are going to err in one direction or the other, it is always best to err on the side of openness. There is a reason why it is easier to remember the teacher, that person was actively involved in the life of another; whereas most people will never come into direct contact with a single public figure.

Public Figures As Role Models&nbspEssay

In a recent episode of the reality show, Cake Boss, the true incompatibility of public figures and regular young people is made most clear by the appearance of public figure, "Snookie" from the show Jersey Shores at the bakery.

Is it easier to remember a favorite athlete from 15 years ago or a special teacher? Pubic Figures are Deceptive if they Act Differently in Private than in Public Another common argument used to persuade others that public figures should be role models is that they are otherwise deceptive people if they….

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While helpful, these messages are only the tip of the iceberg of what a young person must learn and integrate in order to become a responsible member of society.

Sunshine Laws exist to protect the public. Role Models Should be Tangible People Consider for a moment how reliable the human memory actually is when it comes to relationships.Hence, I disagree that public figures should be held accountable for the actions, even actions undertaken in private.

While public figures wield great influence to our society and are even labeled as role models, often the public forgets that privacy is entitled to everybody, and that as long as they perform well in their job, there is absolutely no reason for the public to be this interested in their private lives.

It is the responsibility of professional athletes to act as role models, because so many people and children look up to them. Because of the fact that athletes are so much in the public eye, they automatically become role models for people and, more importantly, for kids.

Do you think the public should be creating a sort of accountability that would get leaders to have this preemptive self-criticism?

Would that be the goal? Tetlock: The U.S. government, obviously, is a very complex entity with many checks and balances. The executive branch is supposed to be continuously second guessed by both the congressional and the judicial, so those are forms of accountability that.

The public should care about any public servant’s integrity. It should therefore care about deceit or fraud of any kind. Cheating on one’s spouse is not more serious than taking a bribe.

Do you agree that public figures should be held accountable for their actions?

Holding public figures accountable to the public April 26, Community, Editorials 0 It is the mission of Historic City News to hold public figures accountable to the public, and Florida law demands open local government.

Public figures should be held accountable for their actions. This is due to the vast amounts of respect that public figures, such as athletes and politicians hold in the eyes of the younger generation.

Should public figures be accountable for
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