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How did the public and private spheres of modernity shape the role of women in the story of "modernism"? Counts toward either European or Middle Eastern distributional credit within the History major, upon application to the director of undergraduate studies. Exploration of influential historical narratives; the philosophy of history; the emergence of historical subdisciplines including history from below, microhistory, the new cultural history, and Big History; and interdisciplinary engagement with anthropology, literary criticism, art history, and psychology.

Interested students should consult the DUS prior to the sixth term of enrollment for specific requirements in History.


What was Judaism and who were the Jews: Advising All students who declare the History Senior essay yale are assigned an adviser from among the departmental faculty. Lectures, readings, and object study sessions provide thematic explorations into the interaction among the various cultures, the rise of class distinctions, and the cultural meanings of domestic objects.

Through rigorous explorations of these ten objects from South Asia this seminar teaches close looking, vivid writing, and narrating history through things. Classroom sessions are based on discussion and readings of primary texts in translation and secondary scholarship, while museum sessions involve close visual analysis and discussion of objects either in the galleries or Senior essay yale study classrooms OSC.

The course focuses on the establishment of European colonies in the 17th century through the emergence of independent states in the region today.

Why do these areas appeal to you? The story of its rise is told through the artistic development of the three main protagonists: You will not need to submit supporting documentation unless specifically asked to do so. Study of the almost constant warfare between the two groups, as well as the ways in which they negotiated peaceful interactions leading to large groups of Scandinavians being integrated into English society and culture.

Primary research in Yale archival collections. History majors graduating in December may begin their two-term senior essay in the spring term and complete the senior essay during fall term. Through experience, admissions officers have found that letters from junior or senior year teachers are the most illuminating.

WR, HU T 3: Students at Yale have plenty of time to explore their academic interests before committing to one or more major fields of study. Strategies for improving reading, writing, and public speaking skills.

Antiquity to the Baroque Kyle Dugdale The first half of a two-term sequence in the history of architecture. Students who want to combine history with another major, study abroad, or accelerate should consult the DUS in the fall.

Failure to comply with any deadline will be penalized by a lower final grade, and no late essay will be considered for a prize in the department. The History major is one of the largest, most diverse, and most popular majors at Yale. Analysis of state-formation in Europe in pre-modern and outside Europe from colonial times to date.

Application Instructions & Components

If your college counselor does not know you well, he or she can still provide helpful contextual information about your school and its academic programs. Seminars numbered in the s address global topics; students must apply to the director of undergraduate studies in History to count a level seminar toward a particular geographical distribution category.

Postal Service, use this address: The influence of taste on trade, colonization, and cultural exchange. From Victorians who sought restoration from illness with electric belts, to the popularization of cosmetic surgery and gene therapy after World War II, students examine how the body became a canvas for a variety of personal, civic, and national goals.

How to evaluate the reliability of sources, both primary and secondary, and assess the relationship between fact and interpretation. Emphasis on examples of Buddhist, Manichaean, Zoroastrian, Christian, and Islamic art in the context of transaction and exchange along the Silk Road network.

Edward RugemerRm. Some sessions meet in the Yale University Art Gallery. Additional option for the senior essay Some students embark on the two-term essay but discover that their choice is not a good fit. Oriented around the complex dynamics of medical abuse and medical resistance, key themes include medicine and slavery; gender and reproduction; medical experimentation and ethics; the rise of racial science; lynching and vigilante violence; segregation and public health; African-descended approaches to health and healing; the rise of the African American medical profession; and black health activism from slavery to BlackLivesMatter.

Applicants should use one email address throughout the application cycle. Topics include work, family roles, political participation, health and sexuality, religious roles, and global feminisms.

Selected primary-source readings in English, images, videos, and Web resources. As European Jews encountered European culture and society, they had to grapple with a host of fundamental questions.

Sophomores contemplating study abroad are urged to consider taking at least one seminar in the sophomore year. You are a ward of the state or an orphan. Requirements of the Major Ten term courses in History are required, including prerequisites, and in addition to the senior essay.

Most students begin with a first-year seminar, Directed Studies, or introductory lecture courses in areas that interest them. As part of the course requirements, students work closely with the instructor to develop, select objects for, and mount an exhibition of American glass that will be held at the Art Gallery in the spring of During the senior year, each student takes one or two senior-level seminars or the equivalent and submits a senior essay or senior project, which should represent a culmination of work in the major and in Yale.

Senior requirement Senior essay Art history is the study of all forms of art, architecture, and visual culture. The History of Art major can serve either as a general program in the humanities or as the groundwork for more specialized training.

In association with GALA (the Yale Gay and Lesbian Alumni/ae Association), LGBT Studies awards an annual GALA Senior Essay Prize. Any senior essay or senior project, submitted to any department or program in Yale College, is eligible if it addresses a topic relevant to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies.

Senior Essays This page lists all of the senior projects from previous cognitive science majors, organized by year. If a project title is blue, you may click on it to download a PDF of it. The Yale library system has a rich collection of original papers and primary sources for Senior Essay Projects.

Below are a small sampling of those extensive and diverse collections. Click on a library to see potential collections that might be of use. For further information, contact the relevant reference or collection librarian for your topic. A rough draft of the essay is due at noon on March 23, for spring-term essays or on October 27, for fall-term essays.

The final essay is due at noon on April 13, for spring-term essays or on December 1, for fall-term essays; late essays will be penalized by a lower grade.

Senior essay yale
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