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To be able to dedicate yourself to an activity that is so, for lack of a better word, needy, is incredibly hard. Keep all submissions on-topic.

With all the tests, homework, and projects that must be completed in high school it becomes like a circus show to see who can effectively juggle everything. Band taught me so much more than how to play the flute and march on the field. I know that when I leave, nothing else will matter, except the memories I take away, and the impression I leave behind.

He was so musically gifted, and I admired it. If there is no effort, no desire to learn, you cannot teach. Marching band is like one big machine. He taught me to respect what I do and love it; he inspired me to always want to be better than what I am, and to always strive for my goals.

He had taught us all so much, and now he was leaving. Each and every member must be dedicated to the band in order to carry out a triumphant show. I thought that marching band was just going to be another elective that I have chosen to take but I was wrong. All of this is done while remembering the music, and choreography.

Growth, in marching band, means shown improvement. Older members must be tolerant, and take the time to teach and develop the skills of the new members, and the new members must be tolerant, and take the time to learn and develop their skills.

Starting from the beginning we have, "An activity involving physical exertion. In band, the word dedication can be associated with two things: Do not submit media that could be considered NSFW.

Leadership is something that, I believe, every band member should strive for, and desire.

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A place for all of us marching band geeks to get together and share spicy memes, help each other out, or just spread the love. Many groups practice keeping consistent feet by running as a group to set tempo. The organizational skills that I took from being in band will help me tremendously in college because I will be able to juggle all of my classes, keep at least a B average, and even participate in some of the universities clubs.

For a band to start off, tolerance is needed by every member. To succeed in a marching band, every member must learn to respect their instructors and teachers, their leaders, their teammates, and themselves. Being a family with everyone around me just felt so natural, and now one of our family members was leaving.

Their confident in what they do and how they do it. I was able to successfully participate in all of my band activities and still achieve an A average in all of my classes. No advertisements without approval.How to be in a Marching Band To start off you’ll need to get used to moving your feet the right way.


When you march your feet must, “kick the soccer ball”. The dictionary definition of a marching band is "a group of instrumental musicians, who generally perform outdoors, with movement such as marching, put to their music." In all honesty, it's so much more; if you think about it, it's really a group of 'friends' or peers who work together to achieve a common goal over a period of time.

Marching band consists of hundreds of students and, just like a machine, if one member of the band decides to not give in % the band will fall apart.

Each and every member must be dedicated to the band in order to carry out a triumphant show. History Essay Marching bands have become a well-rounded prideful part of American culture. Every American has been exposed to this riveting sound of music at least once whether it may be during a culture rich fiesta parade or ceremonial graduation for a U.S marine.

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Marcging band essay
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