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If you like cats in your cozy light paranormal series then you should really like this series. She is a fun character. I think most Look both ways would like an aunt like Aunt Ibby.

The writing was okay. She lives with her Aunt Ibby who raised her after her parents died. The cozy feel to this book is enhanced by the wonderful meals Aunt Ibby makes for Lee and then they have a meal together.

PG for some violent images, sexual content and thematic material Genre: In other words, her mother treated it like a phase.

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When a train crashes and Meryl is the sole witness to the horrifying event, Nick and Andy are sent to interview her, sparking an unusual affair between the grieving witness and the troubled reporter. In many cozies, there is a cat on the cover but in the story the cat gets a brief mention.

What the actual fuck? There is some paranormal activity as Lee has scryer ability which gives her the ability to see visions in reflective material.

In this book there is a Look both ways from the past and a current murder. I enjoyed reading that and I enjoyed Brooklyn discovering her passion for songwriting and storytelling, rather then performing.

She is starting to accept this ability and learn more about it. As the weekend draws near, three troubled souls find themselves faced with pivotal, potentially life-changing events. Look Both Ways Photos View All Photos 1 Movie Info Preoccupation with disasters and a growing sense of mortality threaten to derail the growing relationship between the witness of a train accident and the reporter sent to interview her in this daring drama from emerging Australian filmmaker Sarah Watt.

Look Both Ways

If you enjoy cozy mysteries with a light paranormal mix you should enjoy this series. With animated sequences adding imaginative quirkiness to the mix, this movie about death and disaster is insightful, empathic, and more uplifting than one would think.

She may not even be attracted to girls in general - Zoe was the first in any case. At one point she says "I always hoped that if I had a daughter, she would want to date women. She is on summer break from her teaching job at Tabitha Turnbull Academy of Arts.

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There is a bureau with 6 secret hiding compartments. Each compartment has something in it Are they clues to the murder in the past as the b This is the third book in the Witch City Mystery series which is set in Salem Massachusetts. I enjoyed reading that and I enjoyed Brooklyn discovering her passion for songwriting and storytelli What kind of queerbaiting bullshit was I just tricked into reading?

Though the death of her father still looms heavily in her mind, Meryl Justine Clark is forced to cut short her bereavement in order to focus on a work-related deadline. The love interest of Brooklyn, who is openly bisexual, reinforced the stereotype of the greedy, selfish bisexual only interested in sex and prioritising boyfriends over a girlfriends.

Lee Barrett has returned to Salem about a year ago.

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Do you know how often two women in a relationship are seen as "just really good friends" by the media and society at large? What angers me is that this is the most common representation of a bisexual girl. The cover which is beautifulalong with the blurb, strongly indicates a romance between two girls.

In conclusion, I feel entirely cheated. This book was marketed as a love story between two bisexual girls. I will say that this is rectified somewhat when Brooklyn realises that she did owe Zoe an apology for hiding her uncertainty at the very end of the book.

Instead I got literal gal pals. Do bisexual people like this exist?Look both ways by Carol J Perry is a mystery and thriller and sci-fi and fantasy read. In Salem, Massachusetts, there are secret everywhere--even in the furniture When Lee Barrett spots the same style oak bureau she once had as a child on the WICH-TV show, Shopping Salem, she rushes to the antiques shop and buys the piece/5().

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THE SECOND CITY: Look Both Ways Before Talking at the Temple Theater from AprilThis presentation is part of the Prairie Meadows Temple Comedy Series.

Look both ways
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