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When the King James Bible was re-translated into the Revised Standard Version, my grandfather eagerly waited for his copy to arrive. During that time, I worked as a part-time corresponding reporter otherwise known as a "stringer" for a small-town newspaper.

In addition, I took journalism courses at a state university. So I have gotten much-needed opportunities to use my strengths and interests to gain job experience and to make some money. It was my grandfather, who regularly brought me to the town library even before I was old enough to go to school.

My love of reading and writing enriched my life in so many ways. Needless to say, from the beginning, my family encouraged my creative writing. If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. However, my learning to read began far earlier in my life.

I did--for one day. Throughout my growing-up years, I wrote stories simply because I enjoyed doing so. I was never good at math, though I could generally manage basic arithmetic calculations without undue difficulty.

Even today, my mental-math skills are practically nonexistent, and math that requires mathematical reasoning--such as algebra and geometry--is quite hard for me.

I would pour over their pictures and imagine what their stories were about. As a result, I learned to read at the age of five.

I endured months of See Mac run. And I remember my grandfather drilling my brother on words hour after hour, because reading came hard for my brother.

I can still remember the first story I ever wrote, though I can no longer recite it by heart. It was--and is--something that gave me a source of badly-needed self-esteem. Even earlier than first grade, I learned to read people — their expressions and their moods.

I was so excited! Normally, kids with NLD learn to speak and to read at precociously early ages, after which they rapidly develop unusually advanced vocabularies. And writing has given me a marvelous creative outlet as well as developing my language-arts abilities.

After I learned to read, my voracious appetite for books continued. I never saw my father read anything but the weekly local paper. So, in spite of my NLD, I was able to not only make some spending money, but I also gained valuable experience I hope will get me a steady job in the future. My mother and my older sisters all loved to read.

So was creative writing. The advice I have for other NLD adults is this: Because it is through using them that you have the best chance of achieving success in the world.

How Reading and Writing Have Shaped My Life

He never checked books out from the library for himself, but he saw to it that I would come home each time with a new boxful of books.Submit Your Essay; Newsletters; Calendar; How Reading and Writing Have Shaped My Life.

By: Kathy Green In a way, it's paradoxical that I learned to read so early, because unlike the speech skills of most children with nonverbal learning disabilities, mine were delayed. (Normally, kids with NLD learn to speak and to read at precociously. Where I Learned To Read.

but if I hadn’t made time to read the night before, my legs wore out by noon. Even my body needed to read. By senior year at St. John’s, we were reading Einstein. The theme is opposition and how it is necessary to build strength.

In the essay" How I Learned to Read and Write", Frederick Douglass explains that he was born into slavery and faced his own ignorance with a resolve to overcome this challenge.

Sep 17,  · When I think about learning to read, I remember skipping down the alley from my grand-father’s house on my first day of school. Now I would be a first grader — and first graders were taught to decipher the squiggly black marks on the pages.

After I learned to read, my voracious appetite for books continued.

To my parent’s. Literary Anlaysis Essay of "How I Learned to Read and Write" by Frederick Douglass - “How I Learned to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass is the story of one young man’s pursuit for intelligence, proficiency, and literacy.

Free Essay: Ron Padgett, the author of Creative Reading, recalls how he learned to read and write as though these things happened yesterday. Like Padgett, I.

How i learned to read essay
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