Hispanic and latino spirituality

University of Arizona; University of Arizona Press; This connection helps one to overcome personal and family hardships and gives one the strength to work for the social betterment of the community. There are several limitations to this study. Sheffield Academic Press; Stolley J, Koenig K.

All research findings, whether using qualitative, quantitative, or triangulated methods, must be contextualized within the social, cultural, and historical conditions of the study population to be useful and meaningful.

Latinos in the U.S. have a strong belief in the spirit world

The Foreign-born Population in the United States: Immigrants are slightly more likely than U. Whose Lady of Guadalupe? Arte Publico Press; Issues Ment Health Nurs. Hispanic Catholic Culture in the U. The Latino fear of death includes other areas like: Possibly an intimate, feeling connection with both God and these other divine beings is experienced as important in providing assistance, protection, and blessings in a familial environment.

One interpretation of these findings is that women related to their conception of other divine beings in a way that is different from their relationship with God.

Mexican Cultures of the Southwest United States. Stanford University Press; Our Lady of Guadalupe: In my research I have also learned that moving away from a religion that is largely centered on suffering presents an interesting conundrum for Latinos.

The Shifting Religious Identity of Latinos in the United States

Frequent attendance at religions services and mortality over 28 years. In research I have conducted on this subject Latinos appear to regard death as the ultimate deadline.

What may not make a lot of sense at first glance is that, while Hispanics believe strongly in life after death, they also have a dumbfounding fear of death.

Spiritual well-being and its influence on the holistic health of Hispanic women.

Whether these practices derive mainly from indigenous or traditional Christian sources — or a combination of the two — they point to a strong sense of the spirit world in the everyday lives of many Latinos. The daily spiritual experience scale: Certain demographic variables Latino subgroup, religious denomination, age, education, income, and immigration level had no association with the total LSPS scores, indicating that a strong spiritual perspective was consistent across demographic categories.

Traumatic Bereavement After Gang-related Homicide. Whatever role other divine beings had for the respondents, the results suggest that the women in this sample may conceive of God as the ultimate being to call upon when in trouble or when coping with difficulties in life.

Generally, however, Latinos can believe in life after death and still fear death because the fears are not usually based on a fear of the unknown. Religion and adult mental health: They constantly worry about how their death will affect their family. Higher LSPS scores were also significantly related to frequency of speaking Spanish in the home and to a stronger identification with Latino culture M.

Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Some Hispanics also incorporate indigenous or Afro-Caribbean practices into their religious experiences, such as seeking help from someone with special powers to heal the sick, using incense or herbs in a ceremony for spiritual cleansing, or making offerings to spiritual beings.

Theology and Ministry in the United States.

Spirituality Among Latinas/os Implications of Culture in Conceptualization and Measurement

Grieco E, Cassidy R. The fear of death is very strong in the Latino community. Religious attendance and psychological well-being in Mexican Americans: Religious faith in Mexican American families dealing with chronic childhood illness. National League for Nursing Press; Am J Public Health.

Ignored Virgin or unaware women: Spirituality and well-being in terminally ill hospitalized adults.Hispanic/Latino American History ETH/ March 25, Hispanic/Latino American History The Hispanic, or the term Latino as some members prefer, is an ethnic group almost as complex and diverse as the United States itself.

works of U.S. Latino/Hispanic Christian spirituality. In a chapter entitled “Noso-tros: Community as the Birthplace of the Self,” Goizueta shows that to have an.

How Do Mental Health Conditions Affect the Latino Community? Faith and Spirituality. Unfortunately, while you might prefer finding a Latino mental health professional, this is not often possible because there are a small percentage of Latino providers.

The good news is that professionals are increasingly required to learn how to. Belief and Traditions that impact the Latino Healthcare. Claudia Medina, MD, MHA, MPH. Program Director. – Religion/spirituality, – The definitions of illness, and • The Hispanic/Latino family structure tends to be patriarchal and follow a rigid hierarchical.

Archive for Religion & Spirituality. The fear of death is very strong in the Latino community. It is a subject that everyone loves to avoid. Yet, the Hispanic reasons for fearing death may be different from those of the general population.

Latinos generally believe in life after death. The actual fear of the unknown- which is. Latino theological literature describes spirituality as integral with Latino culture. 18 – 24 Although Latinos are not a monolithic or homogenous group, there are fundamental cultural influences that must be considered in an exploration of spirituality among Latinas/os.

One of these influences is the collectivist nature of Latino culture.

Hispanic and latino spirituality
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