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What are other stories in the Ender series? These authors influenced his ideas and themes in writing his own science fiction.

This shows that Ender does not prize personal power as much as group coherence. Peter and Valentine have the intelligence but not the idealistic personalities to win and gather followers. Economic pressure forced him into writing, and he had to discontinue his academic studies, although now Card is a noted critic and college lecturer, particularly in the field of speculative fiction.

Earlier on it appears that Ender represents pure good and that Peter is pure evil, but these distinctions quickly fall apart. The only way Ender can be a successful commander in the bugger wars is to become both military strategist and leader.

A love for humanity and the desire to do no harm to our fellow human beings is a good trait, and even if it leads to certain bad actions or outcomes, those who have it will always try to do the right thing. Graff points out to the I. He is guilt-ridden when he hurts someone else, even though he is being trained as a soldier.

Why do you think Orson Scott Card chose to start every chapter that way?

Ender’s Game

Peter may have done some good in his life, but it was unintentional, and if he made Ender game essay questions attempt to right the wrongs he committed. Valentine points out, quite rightly, that we can never free ourselves from the influences of others, and that people will always be manipulating others.

Peter is a sadistic, persuasive, and conniving human being who wants to gain control of the world while Valentine is caring, compassionate and moral even though she eventually aids Peter in his quest to rule the world. Or, for a couple of more specific questions, where does religion fit in the future that Card depicts?

This fits fine with what Valentine said, since he is able to follow the course that she wants him to take but for reasons that make it a valid option for him.

Yet the mythic characters and surreal scenes in the computer mind game are fantastic. In Xenocide Ender tries to neutralize a deadly virus, and the book is full of philosophic discussion about whether ends justify the means.

Bonzo slaps Petra and tries to shame her in front of the group. He is the perfect man or boy for the job: The poet Spenser gave him a love of sensuous language, alternate worlds, and allegory. Ender, who never wanted to hurt anyone, feels responsible for many evils, and he dedicates the remainder of his life to remedying those that he can.

Peter, on the other hand, is motivated by nothing except personal gain, and he does not care for people at all. While each of them stands for a specific tendency, it is made clear that all the traits are present in each one, just as all humans have latent in them both positive and negative tendencies.

Peter is the selfish brutality in human nature; Valentine is the nurturing heart; and Ender is heroic compassion willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole.

This long poem is a symbolic portrait of the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England, with all the characters standing for real people and illustrating ideal virtues.

Ender's Game

Publishers may make a distinction between science fiction and fantasy, but Card does not mind blurring the boundaries of the two in his work. Card teaches workshops and classes on how to write science fiction and fantasy, now lumped in the larger category of speculative fiction.

However, what matters in the end is the result as much as the person. Another fundamental influence was the scriptures of the Mormon Church, particularly the writings of Joseph Smith Colonel Graff, the head of the battle school, is especially merciless and unscrupulous.

Ender owns up to mistakes and does not think he is perfect. The intolerant, malignant students who continuously attack Ender both verbally and physically, the few caring, friendly students who help Ender along the way, and the submissive, compliant younger students that Ender 0commands.

Peter is too brutal, and Valentine too easily swayed. At the end, Ender learns that his game has been an actual war. His child characters are superhuman heroes living tragic lives with epic burdens. He does not sentimentalize childhood, but rather, places children in larger-than-life heroic roles, and this has made him a popular Young Adult author.

Children are often not taken very seriously, and Card wants us to take Ender and all of the other children in his book extremely seriously. Lewis also used their religions as the background of their writing.Suggested Essay Topics; Study Questions.

1. Why does Orson Scott Card use a young boy as the protagonist in a book about a great war between humanity and aliens? Card chooses a child because one of the major points of Ender's Game is that children are not qualitatively different from adults. They may be smaller, but their emotions and.

Ender's Game - Discussion Questions On March 28th, the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club will discuss Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

Ender's Game Questions and Answers

Here are some of the things we will consider. About Ender & His Family. Ender ˇs Game Essay Responses Day 1, pp. ix Choose either prompt. 1. Explain what it means for Ender to born a ˝Third.

˛ Show whether this is a negative or positive. Read Ender’s Game free essay and over 88, other research documents. Ender’s Game.

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Ender's Game is a science fiction novel set in the fairly distant future, in a time when aliens have already /5(1). In Ender’s Game, “giria” is the sarcastic slang spoken by the students to sound like pidgin English: “Bonzo, he pre-cise.

Ender's Game Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

He so careful ” (Chpt. 7, p. 79). Though Card lays out an orderly way to write speculative fiction, he admits that the Ender. - Ender’s Game Essay The novel Ender’s Game is written by Orson Schott Card.

It is about a young boy who is sent to battle school. At some point in our lives we will all be forced to answer questions similar to these, and two characters in Connell's story "The Most Dangerous Game" are not exempt from these life decisions.


Ender game essay questions
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