Eastman kodak pestle analysis

Analysis Kodak has tried to transform itself from an aged old film technology business into a fast and digital cultured business but has failed as a result of decline in sales in the United States Deutsch, Environmental Both Kodak and WaterCo are within industries which need to take cognisance of environmental factors.

Pest Analysis On Eastman Kodak Company

Risk of military invasion Level of corruption - especially levels of regulation in Eastman kodak pestle analysis Goods sector. Legal Legal considerations are again more a concern directly for WaterCo in terms of the regulatory environment it must contend with as being a utility company providing services to the public.

Sociological Linked to the economic factors above social changes have significantly impacted Kodak in relation to changing demographics in terms of the customers it targets. Kodak avoided taking risks, they were not innovative enough and relied on existing procedures and policies to maintain standards Gavetti et al.

They were slow to bring new products to market Grant, For both companies though the nature of these influences are inextricably linked to social, legal and political factors. But the business was later expropriated by the Left Wing government. It has tried to acquire several smaller successful companies such as Ofoto and Practice works to fill in the missing pieces of technology and markets that it did not have capabilities in Deutsch, However change for Kodak in terms of this influence has been clearly linked with developments in technology and a greater emphasis on more superficially friendly digital products.

Factors that are controlled by the government of any country are included under the political analysis.

Strategic Plan for Eastman Kodak Company

The brand name of Eastman kodak pestle analysis helps the company to create huge investments in the market. With the help of mission statement, company will be able to provide world class and innovative cameras to its customers. Recently, Kodak lost 90 percent of its market value Weiss, and is facing the threat of extinction Associated Press, b.

Traditionally, Kodak has strengths in photofinishing services and consumables such as paper, ink and chemical technology Grant, For WaterCo the sociological context of human resource has been a major influence. Eastman Kodak Company is operating in Electronic Equipment in more than dozen countries and expose itself to different types of political environment and political system risks.

In this essay two organisations are examined that of WaterCo, a British utility company and Kodak, an international consumer electronics company using a PESTEL analysis of the various factors involved in their organisational change.

Various factors are included under the economic condition that affects the operations of Eastman Kodak such as inflation, recession, interest rate fluctuation, Eastman kodak pestle analysis.

How useful are the environmental scanning tools eg PEST in identifying the key drivers for change that have affected these organisations? This is because the water industry is a highly mechanised process-orientated industry and the services provided by WaterCo depend particularly on the machinery used to deliver the process.

WaterCo itself was privatised in and is one of the major water companies in the UK with over employees. Increased globalisation arguably has led to customers demanding faster responses to their needs creating much more competitive business fields attempting to satisfy these desires. Skill level of workforce in Electronic Equipment industry.

Through the help of drug and discounts stores, Kodak was able to add self-service kiosks to encourage people to print their own digital photos Deutsch, Strategies need to effectively respond to outside forces causing revolutionary and evolutionary changes. Its brand was supported by its massive worldwide distribution presence through retail photography stores, film processors and professional photographers which provided Kodak with the competitive advantage Grant, In this way we can address the significant point concerning the complexity of contexts in which organisational change occurs.

The political context of globalisation though is a main consideration for Kodak but it is diffuse and spread over other factors as discussed subsequently. Kodak was financially secure with cash flows flowing from its existing photography business during the early s Grant, Its retail network of stores was a depreciating asset due to the increase use of home computers, email and print technologies Grant, It can build consumer trust in digital that Kodak already has in film Smith, It will be also helpful for the company to create cost effective products with maintaining quality.

Green issues have also been a concern for Kodak as the nature of its products historically have been ones hard to dispose of and ones which are unfriendly to the environment in terms of for example the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Kodak has similarly also been significantly influenced by technological changes in altering and changing its organisational structures and cultures. Superficially in the sense that environmental concerns are still expressed in terms of the construction of digital products by some advocacy groups globally.

In additional to changes in physical resources organisational structure and human resource structures must change correspondingly also for these types of changes to be managed successfully, Grundy, A flatter organisational structure can be used in order to improve communication processes and employee training, Graetz et all, Economically also globalisation has increased the number of and size of competitors which threaten Kodak thus economic considerations in organisational change for Kodak have occurred at micro and macro levels.

With the help of these six key values, company drive its competitive advantage by delivering differentiated and cost effective solution within the time and with flawless quality to the customers Kodak, These are as follow:Porter´s 5 Forces Analysis PESTEL - Analysis SWOT - Analysis 4.

Eastman Kodak Company PESTEL & Environment Analysis

Recommendations 5. Fortune Telling (until ) Situation today () Porter´s 5 Forces Anaylsis PESTEL Analysis SWOT - Anaylsis Intensity of Rivalry Eastman Kodak Company Est. in Rochester NY. Eastman Kodak Products External analysis of Eastman Kodak Introduction Kodak is the market leader in providing photographic products and services to consumers and commercial customers around the globe for memories, entertainment and information.

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Human Resource Management with Islamic Management Principles: A dialectic for a reverse diffusion in management. 4 External Analysis Industry Overview For the purposes of this analysis, Eastman Kodak will be classified under the Digital Imaging industry, acknowledging that the industry contains sub-industries that, when combined, place a company in the Digital Imaging industry.

Eastman Kodak Company PESTEL analysis is a strategic tool to analyze the macro environment of the organization. PESTEL stands for - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental & Legal factors that impact the macro environment of Eastman Kodak Company.

Solution Preview. Strategic Analysis on Eastman Kodak Company. Executive Summary From the report, it is identified that strategies analysis is helpful for a company to create effective and suitable strategies in order to achieve their vision, mission and objectives in effective manner.

Eastman kodak pestle analysis
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