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Commentary This poem seeks to determine the relationship of human beings to one another across time and space. From the "Twelfth-month sea-gulls" to the "large and small steamers in motion" he effectively describes the reflection of the sun, the different ships, and the fires from the chimneys in perfect detail.

What is it then between us? Rather, so long as we know the same sights and experiences—"enjoy the sunset"—there is a connection between us: By using these certain rhetoric strategies, Whitman creates a piece of poetry that seems to be timeless. Whitman involves and engages the ready by asking the reader questions, and relating to the reader.

The "dumb ministers of nature" sunsets, seagulls, and scalloped waves are unchanging, repetitive, eternal and connect diverse peoples and distant generations.

This sense of repetition and revisiting reinforces the thematic content of the poem, which looks at the possibility of continuity within humanity based on common experiences.

Immortality of thought is achieved by recognition of these articles of faith which surround our existence. Here, he presents images which would also have been experienced, at different times, by others sharing the same journey: Whatever it is, it avails not—distance avails not, and place avails not, I too lived, Brooklyn of ample hills was mine This comes from stanza 5 of the poem.

This inherently frustrating situation parallels mans mortality.

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And a compact, simple scheme connotes togetherness. Wordsworth accompanies his sister, and is able to take delight in seeing her repeat his experience. In it, Whitman challenges the reader: Through this process we have all felt self doubt and "knew what it was to be evil".

A scheme that is simple is a scheme that we can all crossing brooklyn ferry essay help by. Neither the time nor setting are important, although extensively elaborated, as the poet feels that people are connected and enhanced by the shared observation of the perpetual and unchanging facts of nature.

The extent to which Crossing Brooklyn Ferry is autobiographical is open to debate. I hope this gives you some idea of where to start and what to focus on. Steamships and buildings are described in the same terms as seagulls and waves.

Repetition is something he uses throughout the poem to emphasize the sameness of repeating a journey over and over, the sameness of all our lived experiences: As the description concludes, the short fourth section serves mainly to reiterate the point that these afore mentioned images are the same to all people.

Whitman, in non-religious tones however provides a way out. Another technique Whitman uses to create this intimacy is that of the rhetorical question, drawing the reader into his thought process: His images, impressions and feelings are suspended in and enhanced by the stream of life surrounding both himself and his past and future counterparts.

Curiously this leads Whitman to turn to the physical as a locus for identity: The point Whitman seems to be making, however, is that we do not need to know each other in order to be connected. By effectively asking questions, Whitman suggest to readers from past and future times that maybe there is not much that separates them.

What devices and language techniques does Whitman use to convey this idea? The commuter, like the gulls, "transcends the float" in circular motion making roundtrips daily but proceeding to no further point.

Through the use of imagery, Whitman paints the reader many different pictures of the different sites and scenes he has experienced while aboard the ferry. Whitman metaphorically compares the adversities, atrocities and ecstasies of life to a role played by an actor in that, the outline of the part is always the same yet each person plays it differently.

Whitman uses the ferry as a means for joining people together, allowing them, regardless of their cultural differences to be one unified society. His joy or frustration not clear which that defines his state of mind is epitomized by gulls floating with "motionless wings and oscillating bodies".

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Look at this couplet, which, I feel, summarizes the theme of the poem: You could also consider why this stanza is so long—why does he want to give us a vivid understanding of what it is like to cross Brooklyn Ferry?

Free essays on Poetry posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. He is suspended in animation for centuries amid the constant motion of river, boat, flags and the birds around him.

While Wordsworth is more concerned with the idea of the power of place, Coleridge, like Whitman, is more interested in the relevance of shared experience, and its ability to potentially transcend barriers of space and mortality. It is these minor changes that enable him to be specific, and that allow perspective on human existence.

Whitman carefully chooses certain words and phrases that really highlight his intentions to connect himself and others readers throughout time. What is the count of scores or hundreds of years between us? The free Poetry research paper Anylization of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.The free Poetry research paper (Anylization of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

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"Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" by Walt Whitman Essay - "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" by Walt Whitman Recurring Images and Motifs in "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" In the poem "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" by Walt Whitman, there are many recurring images and.

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Crossing Brooklyn Ferry is considered one of the greatest lyrical poems of all time. In Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, Walt Whitman uses connotative diction, prying questions, and critical reader engagement to convey a feeling of connection and unity of people through time.

By using these certain rhetoric strategies, Whitman creates a piece of poetry that. A summary of “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” in Walt Whitman's Whitman’s Poetry. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Whitman’s Poetry and what it means.

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