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The police constable could have given information to the principal or at least could have stopped the vehicle until the principal arranged for an alternative.

Further, agent and agency details have to be also published. If an agreement in substance contemplates the alleged agent acting on his own behalf and not on behalf of the principal, then although he may be Agency relationship essay in the agreement as agent, the relationship of agency does not arise or will not have arisen.

The furniture dealer A supplied the furniture and arranged it in the presence of Y. The plaintiff sued the defendant for the cost of goods and also claimed damages. This is also known as doctrine of estoppel or holding out.

The plaintiff sent certain quantity of butter to a dealer by the defendant railway. Smiley In this case, an unconscious person was brought by some unknown person before a surgeon. M was their manager. An agent is one — Who is employed by the principal To do any or specific act for principal To represent principal in dealing with the third parties.

An agency may be created in following ways. Husband and Wife — Application of Estoppel Agency: Fenwick 1 QB This is a leading case showing ostensible or apparent authority of an agent.

Police constable began to drive the vehicle. Hence it ordered the defendant to pay the price of cigars to the plaintiff. After the lapse of one year, the defendant sold them. Wausau Insurance Companies, N. BUSK X purchased certain quantity of hemp from Y — a broker and permitted the hemp to be remained with Y for a long time.

To exercise reasonable care and skill: Due to necessity, if a real estate agent has been compelled to act on dual capacity, it is his duty to disclose the fact to all parties involved in the transaction.

After several years, the defendant wanted to construct a house in the open space and wrote letters to the plaintiff to take away the car. It must be meet so far as possible, sets of facts abnormal as well as usual. Initially, the principle of agency of necessity was applied in marine adventures.

He did not know the defendants or M. An agent should act prudently and excise due care. So, with regards to acts done, the words, which those acts accompanied, frequently tend to determine their quality. A process by which the post office deliver the goods which is sent by the postal on behalf of the seller and collects the value of the goods before delivery from the purchaser and remits the same to the seller.

Types of Agency Relationships

Hence, any kind of undisclosed agency is illegal. He neither possesses the custody or the possession of goods. The defendant argued that he did not place the order for cigars, further he already instructed M not to purchase on credit.

There were no arrangements in railway to keep the horse. Due to business needs, he has to enter into certain contract with 3rd parties and the management is bound by the actions of its agent viz. In all most in all the states of U. In one case, Court held that as the result of improper supervision by the principal —real estate broker to his sales agent and this constituted an unworthiness and incompetency and failure to meet their duty to supervise sales personnel.

The peculiarity of the law of agency is that though it is a part and parcel of contract law but it differs from it in one aspect. He employed B — a car driver. By the conduct of the party. It is to be noted that this Judgment was declared in and this is not relevant now as law has changed and owner of the vehicle can be held liable for the accidents occurred in the absence whether he has authorised the driver or not.This essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Defining The Agency Relationship. This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Law of agency Essay Sample

The Law of Agency. An Agent is defined as a relationship between two parties called PRINCIPAL and AGENT, whereby, the function of the agent is to create a contract/s between the principal and third parties(or to act as. Law of agency Essay Sample Law of agency is related to relationship between a principal and his agent to do lawful acts on behalf of his principal with written or oral authority.

A principal is bound by the action initiated by the agent on his behalf. Types of Agency Relationships Agency is a relationship between a principal and an agent in which the principal confers his/her rights on the agent to act on behalf of the principal.

An agency relationship is fiduciary in nature and the actions and words of an agent exchanged with. Agency is a fiduciary relationship created by express or implied contract or by law, in which one party (the agent) may act on behalf of another party (the principal).

Agency relationship is a consensual relationship between two parties, where one party, the principal, gives authority to another party, the agent, to act on behalf of and under the control of the principal to deal with a third party, thereby creating a fiduciary relationship.

Agency relationship essay
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