A look at the strenghts perspective essay

Central to the ecological concept is adaptation which is action-oriented. There are incentives to work towards long-term goals. There are few incentives to work towards long-term goals.

Grief from the ecological and strengths perspectives

There are few expectations of personal progress. According to Cohen these approaches tend to focus on individualistic rather than social-environmental explanations of human problems. Sociology Historically death was a familiar part of everyday life, in modern day society grieving has become a private affair, fertile ground for the examination of the impact of the application of the ecological and strengths perspective.

The social environment provides important resources for everybody, not just clients Sullivan, a. Children witnessed death at home, and were included in the family rituals surrounding death, thereby becoming familiar with the natural cycle of life. When parents lose a child they not only have to face their own grief, and cope with possible strains on their marriage but they have their other children to continue to care for and guide them, through their grieving process.

After a sudden death, initially there is a sense of unreality, shock, a dreamlike state which surrounds the grieving person which prevents them believing what has happened or being able to feel it, The death is too devastating to take in all at once and it is like acting out a part of the drama, Gatenby There is good reality feedback.

There is no set process that everyone follows when grieving, and members of the same family will show grief in diverse ways. People are not stigmatised, nor treated as outcasts.

The ecological perspective was explained in terms of the interactions between people and their environments and the impact of grief on the family was investigated. A wide range of groups and institutions can provide support including family, friends, work, church, sporting groups, and local businesses.

This enables the family see what they already are doing right, the times they feel happier and helps to create a vision of how life will be. The family, talking together about the dead child revives memories of them, and provides comfort when they feel sad, Zagdanskip.

Table 1 compares entrapping and enabling social niches. The family may derive a great sense of relief to know that the feelings they are experiencing are a normal grieving process, and there is hope that their lives will improve.

A negative or poor person: As Saleebey b describes it: Interventions are based on self determination. It is then argued that the application of the ecological perspective when using a strengths approach supports the social worker to achieve a collaborative role with the client within the family environment with its special features.

They probably will want to talk about death but will see it as something that can be reversed or is another kind of life. If the family is so distressed they may not know how to relieve this or improve their lives, however they may have a vision of how they would like their life to be.

To assist a family, especially the preschool children a social worker may look towards the work by Bronfenbrenner to seek understanding. This was a summary of the strengths perspective I wrote in so some of the references are a bit old. The importance of the social worker working with people as individuals was introduced, thereby recognizing individual grieving within the family dynamic, including the fit between the individual and their environment.

People tend to turn to their own kind for association, thus restricting their social world. In conclusion, grieving has become lost as a part of everyday life, and is seen today as a private affair.

Avoid victim status, and the children grow up resilient, confident and well adjusted to a normal life event. The extended family usually lived nearby and supported each other McKissock In other words, consumers are assisted in coming to a more authentic sense of who they are, what they can do, and what they want to do p.

The importance of the social worker working with people as individuals is introduced, thereby recognizing individual grieving within that of the family dynamic, including the fit between the individual and their environment.

Therefore a social worker assisting a bereaved family may need to start at the beginning of the grieving process. Economic resources are adequate, and competence and quality are rewarded.

A Look at the Strengths Perspective

People are provided with the opportunity to learn the skills and expectations which aid movement to other niches. This essay will investigate the impact of grief on a family, married couple with two preschoolers, having experienced the sudden death of an older child. The family is empowered to continue, thereby ensuring a successful disengagement from professional assistance.

In doing so the ecological perspective is explained, in terms of the interactions between people and their environments, and the strengths perspective, which seeks to empower people. When confronted with death all family members will struggle to cope in their own way.

People are totally defined by their social category. Weick et al argue that It is impossible for even the best trained professional to judge how another person should best live his or her life.Free Essay: A Look From A Broken Perspective Destruction of families all across the world is becoming more recognizable to society due to a families falling.

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plays a. Give an example of a perspective we discussed in class that has, at its core, a deterministic worldview. I didn’t look to the television to imitate what my idea of a family was. My family included my mother, My Strengths & Weaknesses Essay.

- Utilizing strengths based perspective with clients enables social workers to focus on the client and family strengths and abilities instead of focusing on the client and family’s problems, bad behaviors and pathologies. Essays: A Look at the Strengths Perspective. When understanding the client that you are working with, the social worker must look at all of the problems and the.

Personal Strengths Essay Example. This paper will look into what the industry perceived strengths are and determine if an individual should truly focus on their strengths or try to add to their existing skill set. By analyzing research, this paper will look into skills the industry has deemed needed to become a top executive in today’s.

A look at the strenghts perspective essay
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